Global Business Women Organisation is a membership-based, business-oriented women’s organisation.

Our mission is to bring together aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow and develop – at any level or stage of their career.

Global Business Women is your Brain centre.

Its a place where you can run to when the brain gets numb and you feel lost and you keep loosing money instead of making it…we can help restore your brain and get money coming in

Global Business Women is your SUPPLEMENT centre.

Take a daily dose of our inspirational coaching to keep your business healthy, vibrant and growing to higher heights!
It’s a place you go regularly to build your mindset muscles and to find community with like minded women who are in the same boat as you.

Global Business Women is your Personal Care centre

You can get personalised tailor-made care for your business and yourself here from all experts in any aspects of business, any type of business and any aspect of life.

Global Business Women Organisation is a place for women who are driven who won’t settle for mediocre results, women who are ready to conquer the business world.

Women who are not satisfied with…


Business as usual


Just meeting bills


Living from pay-check to pay-check


Taking a back seat


Just small hustles


Putting other women down

Global Business Women is for women who:


Are ready for their FUCK YOU lifestyle


Are willing to reach and achieve their biggest dreams


Want to live life on their own terms


Are not scared to walk in to boardroom announce “I am BIG”


Are passionate about lifting other women up

Global Business Women Organisation is a place for women of all ages, colours, sizes, qualifications, expertises etc. We are not industry or age specific.

We don’t discriminate along the lines of age, race, religion, sexual preference or political affiliation.

We’ve got coaches, experts, physicians, veterinarians, attorneys, authors, financial gurus and many many more, and more in our midst. Some of us are mothers, wives and grandmothers.

We’re unapologetically driven.

We’re supportive of each other in a way you don’t find in many places.

We’re authentic and profit driven.

We’re undeniably determined and goal-oriented.

And, we don’t care so much what “they” think.

We’re not “in business together” but make no mistake, we are a TEAM.

We think, live, act and do business very much outside the box.

We zig when they zag.

We do while they dream.